Franklins Farm Shop


Franklins farm shop was opened at Trumpetons Farm, Thorncote Green in October 2003. It was born from the ever increasing requests from local people who were concerned about where their food comes from and the conditions the live animals are kept in. Many consumers are today increasingly discerning and many wish to buy direct from the producer to maximise quality and flavour

Due to the increasing popularity of the local farmers markets it was decided to also open the shop as a regular weekly base for people to come direct to the source for their meat and eggs, so they can see for themselves how Franklins'poultry are reared.

Franklins Farm Shop now sells free range chickens, ducks, rabbit, Gloucester Old Spot pork, Greensand Ridge lamb and beef and much more. From Michaelmas to Christmas, free range Geese, Bronze Turkeys and White Turkeys are available.

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