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Regiment Fitness


Why Train With Regiment Fitness?

Regiment Fitness sessions are fun, equipment based training sessions which cater to YOU no matter what your shape, size or level of fitness. Our Sessions provide a complete workout and will build up your stamina, strength & general fitness.

Whether you're looking to get fit for the first time or push your performance to the next level, our team of military & ex-military PTI Instructors will challenge and motivate you.

Train with a friendly group at one of our great locations and let us help you achieve your fitness goals.

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  • eleanorgracetaylor123

    02-Dec-2015 Report

    Be aware before signing up to this money grabbing company!
    Despite telling them twice that I was under 21, they continued to charge me at the full price of £36 for 13 months.
    Despite only signing up 6 months, they were quite happy to continue to take my money for an additional 7 months and are refusing to refund this.
    So in total, it should really have been £331 I was refunded, however they have refused to do this, and have only refunded me £144 for 12 months rather than 13 months of over charging me.
    Not only that, the actual sessions are a load of rubbish. There is no thought for injury with some of the exercises; lifting a tyre above your head without the correct posture can obviously injure you quite easily, however there was no mention of this from the instructors- perhaps the instructor's knowledge is lacking.
    After my first session, I also received a call from the instructor past 9 o'clock in the evening, keen to sign me up and take my money!
    I have no idea where this £36 a month is spent- you are exercising in a public area, the equipment does not go further than a tyre and a cone, and due to the lack of knowledge demonstrated by the instructor, I am not sure on what qualifications they can have themselves.

  • youmaycallmeSSP

    29-Sep-2013 Report

    These are easily the best fitness classes I've ever been to. Everyone supports each other and there's a lovely friendly atmosphere. We're all pushed hard and I've often thought "I can't do that" only to find out that actually, with the right support, I can. Regulars at the class I go to include a wide range of ages and abilities, from people who are seriously overweight to super-fit runners, older teenagers to people in their 60's, and ordinary folk like me who are a bit wobbly round the edges :o Everyone is included and made to feel welcome.

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