Garden swings & Tree swings

South Bedfordshire

We produce tree swings in English oak to suit all ages of children, starting with our baby swing which fully encloses your child, with a lift up safety bar at the front for easy access . For toddlers we have a Horse & Cart swing which encloses your child to the back and sides with handles on the horse head to hold at the front, and an optional safety strap.

We have two ranges of tree swings in English oak, in sizes from junior to adult. All our tree swings are fitted with synthetic hemp ropes, which are soft to the touch but strong and durable, being both resistant to rot and UV.

For those without tree, our oak swing frames take any of our tree swings from baby to adult and can be easily swapped as children grow or different age groups use the swing. Available as a single or double, plus we also offer a swing boat in English oak that fits to the frame to provide additional fun.

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