Get Into Happiness Action


• Do you feel that your mojo has faded?
• Has life lost a little of its shine lately?

Although most of us would say that happiness is really important for us, if not the most important thing in our lives, we hardly spend any time thinking about it or planning to improve it.

The Happiness Workshop is designed to give you the time and space to focus on what makes you happy and exploring ways that you can get into action to increase your level of happiness.

The programme will be led by Caroline Clark, a qualified Life Coach. The workshop is structured and informal at the same time, and is based on two distinct and interlinked subjects:

1. Ten Key Ways to Happier Living - we will explore the theory and practice of a few key ones.

2. Your Personal Happiness Project - make a start on this by establishing what does make you happy and understanding more about your goals and priorities.

Times and prices are subject to change. Contact venue before setting out.

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