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Villa Italia

South Belfast

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  • SacreBlue

    16-Jun-2013 Report

    The boy and I love this Italian family restaurant. From the murals of Italian countryside to the chequered table cloths, this is a good rustic slap up family meal type of place.

    The staff are great <waves hello to Max> and the pricing is good value. No problems with asking for something a bit different order wise and if you don't adore their affogato there is something wrong with you!

    They do not take bookings so you occasionally you may have to queue but frankly it is nice to be able to decide spontaneously to go out and know that not having a reservation isn't going to hold you back. They have a sister restaurant, Scalani's, round the corner in Botanic so you can always try there on nights Villa Italia is queued out the door.

    If you are going out in a group, it's conveniently beside a bank atm so it's handy to get cash for bill splitting if you haven't had a chance beforehand.

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