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  • SacreBlue

    16-Jun-2013 Report

    The boy's fav restaurant, hands down, and most of the incredibly lovely staff know him by name which is a measure of how often he goes (with or without me!)

    Popping in to Sakura for lunch is a quick, healthy and convenient experience - you can just sit at the train and pick what you fancy. They are great about helping you if you are not sure what something is but the menu has a pictorial list and most are self explanatory. Simple colour coding on the plates and eating early gives you the chance to try out everything for minimal cost.

    Evening prices are a little dearer but still very affordable and you do get a wider range of dishes at dinner. Of course there are also a range of hot dishes to choose from if you don't fancy cold from the train.

    They have also started a takeaway service so you can call in and take a box of assorted sushi away with you if you prefer.

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