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Sole Seafood

South Belfast

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  • SacreBlue

    16-Jun-2013 Report

    As the name would suggest the menu at Sole is fish and seafood for the most part although their goats cheese is yummy too. The restaurant is a little gem of a place and, although the boy and I haven't been to dinner there, we have had lovely lunches.

    Regular meeting place of a wonderful crowd of arty folks whom I work with it is perfect for a get together with friends as we all can order a main, a few bottles of water and then throw a tenner in each at the end which covers tip and all.

    Staff are great at getting the right dishes to the right setting without lots of toing and froing or any interrupting of conversations and this ease of service is very appreciated.

    Also appreciated is the lack of background music. With a big group of people it can be hard enough to hear without battling with a stereo too!

    Food is fresh and uncomplicated, allowing flavours to speak for themselves.

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