Bednest Bedside Crib


NCT Bednest purchased in 2010. Still in lovely condition. The versatile design can be used as a bedside crib, stand alone crib, Moses basket and travel cot. See the John Lewis website for more photos, descriptions and reviews.
Please note that there is a small rip in the netting of each of the side panels. New side panels can be purchased on the NCT website (look for bednest accessories) if you wished to replace them but the rip does not affect the safety/working of the cot.
Included in the sale: bednest cost;bednest stand;original mattress (new mattresses can be purchased on the NCT website);side panels;carry bag;3 x cotton sheets
New bednests are sold with attachment straps (for securing to your bed). These were not included when we purchased this bednest and we never found that we needed them. You can purchase new ones on the NCT website if you wished.