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Teddington Cleaners


No matter how regularly and frequently you clean your home there are some areas such as the ventilation system, the gutters, the roof and similar hidden spots which you cannot clean properly on your own. That's why we are offering you some professional assistance to conduct a full and thorough cleaning of your home. If you have already realized the need to turn to the experts and take care of your property, our team would gladly do the whole job for you – quickly and efficiently for we have the experience and know-how to deal with every aspect of the tiring cleaning household chores

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  • KimberlySimmons1

    10-Oct-2014 Report

    Awesome job! Showed up on time and did an amazing job! Wow! I have no idea what magical tool they used to get the scum out of my shower, but I like it! Everything shined. Totally worth it.

  • mariajohnson3

    06-Oct-2014 Report

    This company is truly amazing. I entrusted my apartment (not completely in squander but in pretty bad condition) to the cleaner at 9am on a Sunday for a Deep Clean. It's 6 hours later and I didn't know it was possible for a place to be so clean!!

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