Woodland Play


This is an outdoors child-led play session which runs every Thursday at 14.30 in Clayfield Copse. Being child-led, there is not set up time to finish the session, so feel free to leave when you are ready to do so.

We will be meeting at the car park: Caversham Park Road, RG4 6AA.

Please, bring appropriate clothes depending on the weather, a snack and a picnic blanket might be good for the non mobile babies.

We will walk into the woodland. The paths are flat and get get a bit muddy on when it has been raining. Clayfield Copse is a safe space, so children can play and explore as they wish and they will find lots of paths, logs, fallen leaves and natural objects to play around.

The group is free and mums, dads, carers, all are welcome! For group updates and news, please join the local group in facebook.

This is not a supervised activity so you will be responsible for your own child. Photographs will be taken to use in the facebook group and website, but please, let us know if you prefer that photographs of you and your child are not taken.

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