Wally and Gossamer

Berkshire wide

Wally and Gossamer!
Here to entertain your children at their party! .....instead of you!
Has Esmerelda asked for a knight in shining armour to ride in on a horse and deliver a real unicorn for her birthday? Never fear! We are here!
Has Johnny demanded a duel with Darth Vader on the left hand wing of the Death Star? Don't Fail! Drop us a mail!
Will Arrabelle think it's amazing to meet the real Anna from Arundel? We do that as well! Give us a bell!

We've been entertainers for ages and ages (we just look young) and nothing is too tall an order (unless you want an actual unicorn or Death Star). We take the kids on a theatrical adventure to whatever world they want to visit, through marshmallow swamps and up dragon mountains. We can bespoke a magic story for whatever makes your child whoop with delight and giggle with glee.

We have suitcases full of characters, trunks full of games, boxes full of balloons and igloos full of ideas and we are just waiting to mix the right combination in a pot, sprinkle it with anarchy and deliver it to your house, hall, event or space ship.

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