Your Natural Contraception


Are you looking for an effective method of contraception you can trust?
Have you tried different contraceptives and found nothing that suits you?
Are you worried about the side effects of hormonal contraception?
Do you want to lead a more natural lifestyle?
If taught by a qualified fertility practitioner and used correctly, the method of natural contraception I teach is up to 99% effective in avoiding pregnancy (FPA 2010). I teach you to understand your menstrual cycle and what your body is telling you. I help you to feel empowered and take control of your fertility, naturally and healthily to avoid unwanted hormonal side effects. Learning about and using natural contraception gives you the confidence to enjoy intimacy with your partner without the fear of pregnancy.
Kate Davies RN, BSc (Hons) Sexual Health, DipHSMgt, FP Cert is a qualified registered nurse and Fertility Practitioner.

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