Floatation Therapy


Floating Point is Berkshires only dedicated Floatation Centre, focusing on your health and wellbeing. The i-sopod is an amazingly simple yet powerful device that can enhance your overall living experience.

We are offering the ultimate relaxation experience, a chance to relax in your own personal space. Experience zero gravity and the opportunity to do nothing in its purest form.

There are many benefits for mums to be or new mums in need of some R&R.

Pregnant Women – Alleviates stresses that gravity places on the body, enables relaxation, regulates sleep patterns, Increases the levels of feel-good endorphins, allows unborn child to share a unique experience with the mother.

New Mums - Encourages deep relaxation, improves sleep, pain relief for those that suffer from muscle aches, helps to reduce blood pressure, heart rate and oxygen consumption.

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