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A Green Therapy Reiki


A Green Therapy provides Reiki and Meditation. Reiki utilises the Universal Life Energy to promote the body's natural ability to heal itself. Reiki is fantastic for lethargy, fatigue, stress, illness, pregnancy, children and adults. It is a non-contact therapy and the patient can lie down or sit in a comfortable position. Many people sleep during a session as it is a very relaxing experience. Following the 45 minute session, clients leave feeling relaxed, re-energised and better able to cope physically and emotionally.
Our Meditation sessions start from £10 and use chakra clearing as the core foundation. Both therapies complement each other and are a great combination to help deal with stress and illness.
Please see our website or Facebook page for more information. (www.facebook.com/agreentherapy)

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  • AGreenTherapy

    08-Mar-2016 Report

    Hi ladies, I run A Green Therapy and I just wanted to share my personal experience with Reiki. I have been doing it for over four years now and it started with something I wanted to just do for myself and my family. It helped me to heal myself of carpel tunnel syndrome so that I did not have to have the surgery the doctors recommended. It also helped me cope with a particularly traumatic situation in my personal life. Following this and seeing the benefits my children and family members gained from Reiki sessions, I decided to launch A Green Therapy to share this with other people. If you've never had Reiki before I would urge you to try it and feel the benefits for yourself. Thank you.

  • AGreenTherapy

    08-Mar-2016 Report

    I had never had reiki before but it really was the best experience I have had! Anuszka was able to diagnose old injuries I have and following the reiki these injuries no longer give me such pain. I also feel really energised after a session and it has helped to reduce my stress levels and cope with the work/life balance. I now make sure I have a reiki sesion at least once a month.

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