Confidence Coaching for Children & Teens

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Confidential Risk-Free 15 Minute Coaching Session

Parents. Is your child or teen stressed, unhappy, demotivated or socially anxious?

Then CHAMPS Academy Confidence & Life Skills Coaching For Kids and Teens can really help.

CHAMPS mission is to empower 1 Million children/teens by 2020 to live more confident and happier lives.

The ‘CHAMPS Coaching Method' is the only formulated and highly effective confidence and achievement coaching system for young people, achieving maximum and rapid results without the need for counselling or therapy.

After a few sessions with the Award Winning Kids Confidence Coach Annette it feels like you have been released from an emotional cage.


* Applied Confidence Coaching
* Life Skills Training
* Positive Physiology
* Confident Communication
* Effectively Manage Anxieties
* Turn Worry Words into Positive Statements
* Resilience to Overcome Challenges
* Building Better Friendships in School and Life
* And Much More.

CHAMPS Academy is Parent's choice for Kids Confidence Coaching and helps hundreds of children and young people to manage the cycles of life. Please contact Annette to receive your complementary coaching session.

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