Aces Laces - Party Box

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Aces Laces : Cool Collectable Shoelaces
Aces Laces are the solution to party bag problems. Shoelaces Swapsies ! A gift that's cool, fashionable & fun, but best of all... NEW ! Instead of the same old pointless novelties, give out Aces Laces. Shoelaces and a swapping game.
Shoelaces to Collect, Swap & Wear.
A simple way to make your Child's party memorable. Order our presentation box containing 25 pairs of Shoelaces in cool colourful designs. The bright shiny packets conceal the lace inside, so kids can have fun swapping to get the ones they want and wear their favourite. A fun game for the party and with so many designs there's enough to keep everyone happy.

Easy to order and delivered to your door, Aces Laces are the one stop shop to make your party the talk of the town.

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