Neighbourhood Midwives

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As a mum to be you are embarking on an amazing but sometimes daunting journey. Sadly in London 60% of women don't see the same midwife twice (RCM survey 2012). With Neighbourhood Midwives you will be supported throughout that journey by a midwife you know and trust.

We believe that the relationship between a woman and her midwife, and having the same dependable, expert midwife by your side is at the heart of a good, healthy birth experience.

Neighbourhood Midwives offers you:

- Fully insured care from your own dedicated locally-based midwife
- Appointments at a time and place convenient for you
- One to one care in labour at home or support for hospital birth
- Six weeks extended postnatal support focused on your needs
- 24/7 access to support and advice

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