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Foots Cray

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  • johal789

    10-Oct-2016 Report

    I paid an initial deposit of £45 more than a month before that party. The time was agreed at 3 pm for my sons 4th birthday party. I was promised that there will be 2 organisers and a spiderman . When I contacted Ronnie(the organiser) 10 days before the party, I was told that only one organiser Henry would be able to make it and re assured me that the party will be great. I agreed hesitantly considering it was Ronnie who had told me that that I would definitely need 2 organisers for a 4 year olds birthday.

    1. No organiser arrived at the venue until 3:10 whereas they were supposed to be there latest by 2:20. I was told by Ronnie that Henry was stuck in traffic. Henry said he was on time and he showed me a text from Ronnie saying the time of the party was 3:30 not 3 pm
    2. The host was just mixing music and made no effort whatsoever to interact with the children
    3. Spiderman did make a slight effort of interacting with children but his uniform was torn and at times his whole back and even below was visible

    4. The organiser Henry asked us to pay the money halfway through the party realising the party was going very bad.

    5. In spite of us asking Henry and in numerous calls to Ronnie, the situation worsened. The only task done by him was mixing songs and using the snow machine with an 'angry' face. There was hardly any interaction with the children and out of a total of 25 children, hardly any children were in the main floor. When I asked Henry to interact with the children, he said that someone has to be with the laptop. His voice was inaudible

    The parents thought that the party was really bad. When i contacted Ronnie, he did listen to me patiently, asked me to pay £35 less but insisted that Henry is an experienced organiser and he doesn't agree or disagree with me. I said I was ready to send videos of the disaster party and even ask parents to tell him to which he refused to see. I do understand that there are extremely good reviews on facebook but I fell for these reviews and booked the party without digging further. My sons party was completely spoilt. I must add that Ronnie was polite in the conversation and though he did not agree to pay any money back but said that he would do aparty for me for free. I obviously have lost trust and I do not believe any further promises by Ronnie. Please avoid this company if you can

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