Radnor Allotments


We have several plots that have been vacant for some time and we are concerned that if the sites are not full then the sites will be closed and subsequently built on.

Our aim is to develop people's awareness of the existence of vacant plots, the fact that you can hire half a plot or even work a plot as a small group thus sharing the work and the produce. As I said, as a small site, we do have several plots with young children on them. Not only do they benefit from the fresh air but also from the fresh food produced – and all are made welcome.
It might be worth mentioning that a whole plot costs £75 p.a. to rent and half a plot is £35.70. On our site we have whole and half plots being shared by friends and by families so arrangements can be very flexible. .
Certainly on our site, we would be only too willing to show people around and the existing plot holders are friendly and supportive. Children are always welcome and its a great way to get both exercise and fresh air, whilst, hopefully, producing food at the same time.

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