Head Start

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Head Start is a parent and child program for 3-4 year olds with the aim of building confidence and skills before starting reception.

The program runs for 6 sessions and focuses of developing independence and motor skills.

Up to 60% of a child's time in primary school is dedicated to fine motor activities and so why not give your child a boost ahead of time.

The groups are designed and run by an experienced occupational therapist who will give you many tips to help your child:
1) Hold a pencil properly
2) Develop pre-writing skills and letter formations
3) Hold and using scissors correctly
4) Develop core stability and coordination skills
5) Develop listening and turn taking skills
6) Use a knife and fork

Groups will run from January 2016 for children starting reception in September 2016. The cost of the group is £60 / child and will run for 1 hour over 6-consecutive weeks.

This program is aimed at children without a specific diagnosis but if your child does have additional needs, please contact us to discuss.

Please email enquiries@calmalertkids.com to register your interest. Once adequate interest has been shown, you will be contacted for payment to secure your space.

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