The Curry Mahal


Remember your first curry? Chances are if you lived or grew up in and around Sidcup, then it was probably at the Curry Mahal where we celebrated our 40th anniversary recently. We recently underwent a refurbishment and review of our menu, which we hope makes the Curry Mahal one of the best choices for Indian food in the Sidcup area.

Opened on 22 November 1968, from what was a carpet shop on the Station Road, we have kept with the same ingredients, good food and good service in a comfortable environment. 40 years on and we're still doing the same but a lot has changed in those times, the restaurant has grown a little, the guest cubicles came and went, as did our fish tanks. Our current interior is designed to provide a contemporary ambiance for your comfort and our meals are prepared and served with care and attention with the freshest spices and ingredients.

Welcome to the Curry Mahal.

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