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A & P Doherty Butchers

Birmingham centre

  • Stall 104 , Bullring Indoor Market

  • 50 Edgbaston St, B5 4RQ

  • 0121 622 6468

We specialise in dry aged beef, Welsh lamb, fresh out door pigs, veal and poultry.

We are the Dry Aged Beef Shop. Offering well hung topside, silverside, T-bone steaks and sirloins.

The beef we sell has been dry aged on the bone for 3-4 weeks. During this period, the beef undergoes enzymatic changes that intensifies flavour, deepens the colour and tenderises the meat by softening the connective tissues.

Look out for Big Mouth Ryan, Outgoing Mick and Ordinary Alan. Our team are professional, fun and offer a personal dedicated service.

Purveyors of only British products since 1985.

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  • MNBirminghamLocalEd

    22-May-2014 Report

    I always head for this stall, and Pearce's Shellfish stall, when I'm in the market. You can get some great bargains, the meat is always British and they know exactly where it's from.

    It's well-presented and very good quality, infinitely nicer than supermarket meat. Although there's a bit of good-humoured banter behind the counter, the staff take their produce extremely seriously and (in my experience, anyway) are friendly and respectful to customers.

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