Sparkbrook and Balsall Heath

The answer to sorting out your garden - www.extravert.com. Whether you want the whole garden revamped or a small border planned for you, you can commission the whole design brief over the internet. Aerial mapping takes care of the measuring, some short and visual questionnaires make it easy for you to convey information about your garden, and the site is full of inspirational pictures for you to choose your style of garden. And you do talk to a real person, so you can discuss your budget and gardening skill so that the garden is really tailored to your lifestyle. A team of designers then turn round your design in three weeks. It arrives with a quote to supply the plants and a maintenance schedule. Linked up with a classy supplier of fantastic pots and more ideas on the way, this is a savvy way to obtain a bespoke garden without the hours of hassle and enormous expense of yesteryear.

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