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Dan, the repair man

Bournville and Selly Oak

  • South Birmingham

  • B30

  • 07980804329 08009701885

A friendly, reliable and reasonable handyman who has (at various times) been able to fix my washing machine, cooker and dishwasher when I was about to give up on them!

His card says he fixes tumble dryers, washing machines, dishwashers and cookers.

This seems a good way to say thank you.

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  • TiredAsANewt

    15-Oct-2014 Report

    I've used Dan in the past and he's very good when he turns up. Recently he let me down 4 times in a fortnight (I stayed in, texted etc and he just didn't turn up), and in the end I gave up. He let a friend down too. So make sure you nail him down to a time and day.

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