Flexible Work from Home Business Opportunity

Sutton Coldfield

Great opportunity for immediate income. Work from home doing good for the community. I set up a simple, small business supplying socks, undies and comfort items to the elderly in Care Homes, Retirement Homes or Day Care Centres, who cannot easily get to shops, but I don't have time to do it justice. Selling at lower than High Street prices; good quality to withstand Care Homes' laundry regime. May also be run for fundraising for a club or youth group, and benefit the community. To basically cover costs I'm offering this business for £500 for immediate start (basic stock, setup, templates, supplier info). Flexible to run, friends and family can be secondary operators, with primary operator earning too. Lots of potential to develop it more. All very simple, and can be great fun! Contact me for business overview and details if you're interested in taking it on. carmelbasset-coco@yahoo.co.uk