Twinkle Education Consultancy

Bournville and Selly Oak

Louise LeVell has 26 years of experience in teaching, mentoring, tutoring & staff training in a variety of settings.
"I specialise in building children's confidence in their own potential & enabling them to overcome any ‘blocks' that they may be encountering in their learning.
Having spent 12 years working with children experiencing emotional & social difficulties, and even mental health issues, I am also able to offer more specialised sessions, tackling specific issues such as: Advice & support for children (and their parents) experiencing bullying; Improving confidence through building self-esteem & self-worth; Relaxation & stress management for children experiencing anxiety or stress; Anger management & dealing with your feelings; Helping children who find it difficult to relate positively to their teachers.
Such issues may be either in or outside of their school environment, but I can equip children with tasks & strategies to overcome these problems.

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