Birmingham centre

Purnell's is a chic, contemporary fine-dining restaurant, run by Birmingham chef Glynn Purnell. It won its Michelin star in January 2009, and has been showered with other awards since.

The food is adventurous, modern British...and a treat. For example, the £85 12-course "Now" tasting menu for November 2013 was:

Cep hollandaise - egg yolk - crispy potato
"Autumn salad"
Ballotine of mackerel - wasabi crumble - cucumber ketchup
Pigs' head ragout and crunchy pork - onions - turnip - rocket
Lobster - chorizo mayonnaise - honeycomb
"Remoulade" 2012
Red mullet - parsley - shallots - salt baked potatoes
Tail fillet of beef - lemon and onion puree - liquorice salsify
Waffles - foie gras butter "no butter" - crispy chicken skin - maple syrup
Apple and pear mini milk
Mint choccy chip
Rum Baba - pineapple

Also look out for Purnell's bistro, Gingers, on the Square Mile.

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