Hypnobirthing Courses


FREE Hypnobirthing taster session on 29th May 2015 at Streetly Community centre from 7-8.30. Learn how hypnobirthing can reduce the risks of interventions in labour and birth.

KG method hypnobirthing courses with Nata-Calm are designed to empower you to increase the likiyhood of achieving the calm, comfortable birth your body is designed for naturally?

Hypnobirthing babies are more likely to be born free from the effects of drugs and fear induced hormones and are therefore born in better condition, calm, alert and ready to feed sucessfully.

Whatever the circumstances around your birth, your experience will be more positive with hypnobirthing. As Debbie is a midwife, health visitor and hypnobirthing practitioner, she has a wealth of experience working with couples and new mothers and their babies.

Group Courses are 4 x 2 1/2 hour sessions held in the evening or 2 Saturdays from 10-3

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