Pregnancy Massage/Reflexology


I am a therapist with over 16 years experience specialising in providing safe and effective Pregnancy Massage and Maternity Reflexology. I have gained a lot of experience treating women who have gynaecological problems, are trying to conceive or going through the menopause. I've also treated countless pregnant women providing care and support from preconception, throughout pregnancy, birthing preparation and postnatal care.

Maternity Reflexology, a wonderful form of reflexology that can be used from conception to birthing preparation. Many pregnant women suffer experience unpleasant symptoms and maternity reflexology may help. Because of the additional training I have undertaken (with an experienced midwife/reflexologist) this therapy is entirely safe and beneficial and can be very effective.

Pregnancy Massage is a lovely, safe and effective treatment to receive. It has lots of benefits and is relaxing and is de-stressing for you and your baby. By combining massage with the therapeutic qualities of essential oils (that are safe to use in pregnancy,) the healing of the body, mind and spirit is promoted.

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