Blackpool Art Carbooty

Blackpool centre

Manchester born Northern Art Carbooty is leaving its home in Ancoats, hitting the tarmac to travel up the M6 to launch Blackpool Art Carbooty just in time for half term, Halloween and the penultimate weekend for the Blackpool 2015 Illuminations programme!

Like Northern Art Carbooty Blackpool Art Carbooty is a car boot come table top sale with a twist, designed to enable visitors to purchase hand made and unique items priced from £1-£50, some artists even looking to make exchanges and offer things for free!

An extravaganza of art and craft at car boot prices, expect a lively fun packed event, with plenty to see, make and do! Something for every age, the event will also include live performances, films and music set in within a backdrop of the iconic Winter Gardens, and all for free!

What more can you ask for?!

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