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Pro Cleaners Atherton

Moss Bank

There's no part of Atherton where you can't count on getting fast and effective end of tenancy cleaning services from us, so don't delay if you know what your moving day is going to be. Pro Cleaners Atherton M46 can't clean properly if there's someone still living at the address, but once everyone's out, simply point us at the target! You get: A thorough cleanse for your entire property before or after a tenancy agreement is over; Availability all week long, and at the weekend.

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  • spencer21moss

    06-Jun-2016 Report

    I just tried the professional services of these master workers and am really satisfied with the shining results. Their techniques met my requirements. They don't waste time to do anything useless.

  • Weas1988

    05-Nov-2015 Report

    I've been using Pro Cleaners Atherton weekly service for several months and I'm very happy with the results. Their team is professional, always on time, and does a great job. I would definitely recommend them.

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