The Unsworth Dragon has Returned!


Professor Jigget (world famous explorer, faerie hunter, and goblin scientist) has caught a dragon! He keeps it in the Castle Armoury in Bury which is, for now, the safest place for it (or so he thinks). However, because it has been 171 years since the last dragon was sighted in Bury the Professor doesn't really know what to do with it. And so, on November 19th he will ask YOU to decide the creature's fate...

Part of Bury Transition Festival 2016, join Yan-Tan-Tethera - yarnspinners and storytellers extraordinaire- and make sure a local dragon gets a fair trial!
Come and enjoy this imaginative, interactive performance for children and families, where the local legend of the Unsworth Dragon is re-imagined and brought to life with much magic and nonsense...

Gather at the Bakelite Radio in Bury's Kay Gardens from 12pm to begin the campaign trail, and prepare to be led a merry dance around the town as a number of magical persons of questionable character attempt to win you over. Then help seal our dragon's fate in a spectacular finale, where the beast herself will be revealed outside Castle Armoury at 6pm.

Times and prices are subject to change. Contact venue before setting out.

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