Stop Overeating/Binging/Yo-yo Dieting

Brent wide

I am a psychotherapist (Member of the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists) with particular experience in supporting women who use food as a way of managing stress to find a happy, healthy relationship with their bodies and escape the diet/binge cycle.

Many of us use food to suppress emotion when life is challenging. You may experience daily struggles with your parenting, relationships, work/parenting/life balance, anger, making time for yourself, feeling depressed - any number of things and turn to food. This doesn't solve anything of course - it just leaves us feeling bad about ourselves and our bodies and then we diet, and then binge and so the cycle goes.

Being overweight is a symptom rather than the cause of our difficulty so GET OFF THE DIET/BINGE TREADMILL and FIND A HAPPIER WAY.

I offer daytime or evening sessions in N1 and NW3.

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