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Mums Enterprise Roadshow


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The Mums Enterprise Roadshow brings together over 40 exhibitors, 8 taster workshops, networking and a Q&A panel specifically curated for mums seeking inspiration and those wanting to start or grow a business. The next one-day event takes place at the AMEX Community Stadium in Brighton on Thursday 23rd February 2017. The event is free to attend and truly has the potential to change the working and business future of those who attend. The events are relaxed, fun, inspirational and best of all child-friendly.

Find out more information and register for your free place on our website www.mumsenterprise.events

Times and prices are subject to change. Contact venue before setting out.

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  • LindseyFish

    15-Feb-2017 Report

    Hello Pixmum - apologies I didn't get a notifcation of this being posted so didn't reply right away. I am the founder of Mums Enterprise, I launched these events with a sincere beleif and passion to help change the lives of mums for the better forever. It is simply not true that the motivation behind these events is what is good for mothers.

    MLM opportunities do exist, many mums find them a success but I also appreciate that yes they are also looked upon negativly. Two exhibitors out of 35 are MLM organisations which is a very tiny percentage, I have turned away many many exhibitors who wish to exhibit so I personally vet and accept all exhibitors and will continue to do so. What pisses you off, may work for somebody else and at the end of the day it's all about women making their own choices. I personally am not an MLM fan but Arbonne were present at our last event and to me they seem a quality brand and not 'pushy or manipulative' like others which I have not allowed in. SlimRoast I was happy to let them come on board as a test to see how they are, what they offer and I will of course review this post event. We are not a corporate giant, we are two mums who have taken huge risk to bring these events to life, make them happen and our true motivation is to help change lives for the better. This is not about money, this is about trying to choose exhibitors to offer variety. As I said I have turned many MLM brands away and we have over 33 further exhibitors who offer many different support and opportunities. So I will end by saying, these events are organised whole-heartedly with mums in mind, it;s a relaxed event, child-friendly and I will constantly vet exhibitors to ensure they can deliver for mums what they say they will. This is an on-going process and we will never please 100% of the people 100% of the time, although we will continue to strive to do so. xxxx Thanks

  • PixMum

    23-Jan-2017 Report

    Shame you are allowing pyramid schemes/MLMs to have such a presence. This event can't be pro-women iF you're inviting some dodgy MLMs like Arbonne and Slimroast Coffee to be your paymasters. It pisses me right off that this event specifically aimed at mothers looking to enhance their earnings or return to work is going to let women get sold down the river by these sharks and quite possible end up in a very much worse financial, Social and emotional position. what is good for mothers is clearly not your motivation.

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