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Pure Legs, Bums and Tums - Kiddies Welcome

Hove Central

Fridays 11:30am The Happy Cell (Smile2Live)

A 30 minute full body workout that will challenge you as well as work muscles you didn't even know existed. Each toning section will be followed by a 60 second high intensity interval (such as jacks, scissor kicks) to boost metabolism and kick start your calorie burning potential. Suitable for all ages and abilities.

This is a drop-in class, although pre-booking is advised.

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  • alimullan

    14-Nov-2013 Report

    Great class! Challenging but Christine still manages to make it great fun. And if there is a chance I could ever be as fit and trim as the tutor then sign me up for life!!!

  • cazz27

    12-Nov-2013 Report

    A really good fitness class to go to.You can bring your tots to the first class which is handy as not all of us have available chilcare, or it is too expensive.So now there is no excuse not to get fit.Really friendly people and Christine is an excellent teacher and all the hard work done in just half an hour-perfect!!

  • Deepu123

    11-Nov-2013 Report

    Going to pure aerobics from past 3 weeks on Fridays .simply love it . exactly what Christine says works on bums, thighs, and tummy. I feel really relaxed after the class. The best part is it is for 30 mins . I go with my 2 and half year old daughter. Would recommend anyone to try first free class. She is very friendly with clear explanation. Can't wait for the next Friday....

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