Kemp Town

I am a Brighton Eyelash Technician/Lash Artist, fully qualified (BABTAC) and insured. I fell in love with eyelash extensions when I first tried them; it was magical seeing how skill, precision and artistry made me look like I was naturally blessed with long, thick, curly lashes!

Using skilful, artistic techniques to preserve the health of your natural lashes, professional products and great materials, I can make your eyelashes look long and luscious. I love how eyelash extensions bring eyes to life, transforming confidence and appearance. I especially love hearing the “Oohs!” and the “Wows!” when people sit up after a session and look in the mirror.

I have lash extensions in a range of lengths, thickness and curls, so can achieve a variety of looks, to suit your eye-shape and personal style, be that a natural look, or a glamour girl!

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