Japanese Reflexology feet, hand, facial

Kemp Town

We use a mixture of reflexology techniques depending on your health condition

*Energetic touch - Firm pressure for energising and awake
*Feather touch - Gentle touch for relaxation
*Japanese deep pressure- apply reflex points deeply to ease particular conditions

Our treatment Plan

First Session -Relaxation and good sleep
What we first aim to achieve is 'good quality sleep (not the amount)'. Sleeping is recharging your body. Your damaged cells are repaired and hormone balance is adjusted significantly better when you are sleeping deeply and properly. This is why you feel so refreshed when you have had a good sleep.

following session
We concentrate on particular reflex points to ease your condition as well as relaxation

We provide a mobile reflexology in the Sussex area. We also send our reflexologists to parties or any sort of event you would like to host for a reasonable price.

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