Barrister For Me

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Our friendly, sympathetic barristers can save you time, money and stress.
Did you know that you can now go direct to a Family Law Barrister in many cases, instead of having to go through a solicitor first? Our barristers are helpful, knowledgeable and understanding and can advise you on your case, recommend which aspects you can do yourself (such as letter writing, etc) and represent you in court if needs be. Our services are cost-effective and going direct to a barrister can help to relieve the financial pressure for busy mums during stressful situations.

Divorce or separation can have a wide ranging impact on the family. We can help you with:
“Child Arrangement Orders”
“Emergency Protection Orders”
Child Abduction and International Child Abduction
Conflict with a Local Authority
Enforcement of an existing order
Domestic violence hearings

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