Herbalife can work for you


Hello my name is James.I am a personal trainer,a Herbalife distributor and a Dad who needed to lose some weight.My wife and I both put on about a stone after the birth of our first,Grace in 2012 and we never managed to shift it even after the birth of our second,William, this time last year.A friend and father of 3 who had all the same problems told me about Herbalife which really works alongside some,not loads of exercise and a healthier attitude to food in general.So far (1 month) I have managed to lose a stone and my wife has lost half a stone.More importantly I feel like I have loads more energy for my kids and life and don't crave rubbish during the day.If any of this sounds familiar and you'd like to have a chat about it please drop me a text or give me a ring.I look forward to hopefully hearing from you soon.James 07967 189 482

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