How to heal the roots of comfort eating

Kemp Town

Trained as an integrative psychotherapist, facilitator Georgina is inviting you to partake in an exploration of your internal saboteur, using guided visualisation and psychodrama, with the purpose of finding out why you comfort eat. We will ask questions like “What am I really hungry for?” and “How do I truly nourish myself?”

This is not a diet-club and there is no weighing or calorie counting. We want to get to the roots of why we overeat, and learn how we can truly satiate ourselves. We will be using mindfulness to develop awareness of our physical and emotional feelings as well as our tolerance to them. We are also practising kindness and compassion towards ourselves, and others, which is a key part to the process.

The support group will run in the main hall from 9.30-11.30am every Friday at the Kemptown Crypt Community Centre below St George's Church, BN2 1ED. £10 to pay on the door. To register your interest please contact Georgina via email or ring 07800 828204.

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