Im_Possible Domestic Abuse Wellbeing Sessions

South Gloucestershire

Well being & Empowerment Sessions for anyone affected by domestic abuse/domestic violence.

You are important, you can overcome anything.It is a group setting, however aimed to be your personal experience to empower you in lifes journey.

Each session is made up of various activities.From alternate fitness activities, to things to make you laugh.Some to get you to pause and think and some to just relax.

Kids & Carers Sessions are a fun time out with your child to laugh but also a space to talk about important topics such as healthy relationships.

Coffee & Cake Sessions are open to anyone effected by domestic abuse.

Ladies only Sessions £5
Kids and Carer Sessions £4.50 £1 per extra child
Coffee and Cake Sessions £3 Adult £1 Child

Please feel free to email,text or phone me.
T: @tweet_possible FB: im_possible bristol

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