Postnatal Support by Tante Nikki

Bristol wide

A postnatal Tante service inspired by my Caribbean Mother-in-law.

Traditional postnatal care involves ensuring the woman is kept warm, rested, nourished and replenished. This isn't always easy in todays busy world and this is where a Tante is so valuable.

What do I offer?

•Food: I have a menu that you can select a dish from and I will bring it along to your home. I offer dishes that are regarded as particularly nourishing and replenishing to the new mother; some are known for their lactation boosting properties (increasing your milk supply), or I can rustle up a sandwich in your own kitchen if you prefer.

•Practical support: anything from holding the baby while you take a shower to folding your laundry, making the beds or running around with the hoover.

•Breastfeeding support

•Bottlefeeding support

•Birth story listening

•Postnatal wellbeing Spa (closing the bones)

•Foot spa: A warm, fragrant mineral salt foot soak to reduce swelling and stimulate circulation. Combine with a fragrant hand massage or a skin food facial at the same time


•Company: some times it's just about having someone there

DRB clearance and insured by the RCN (I am also a registered Midwife)

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