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Identifying Anxiety in Children


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  • algaffney77

    16-Nov-2016 Report

    This talk will help parents gain a better understanding of how typical worries manifest themselves in children, and when parents ought to be concerned. The talk will also provide parents with some effective strategies to use at home to support a child who worries.

    Dr. Maryhan Baker is an Educational Psychologist with over 10 years experience working as a parent and child coach. She works with children or teens who have difficulties managing their emotions, worry excessively, have low self confidence, find managing friendships difficult, or get a little overwhelmed with life's challenges.

    This talk will help equip parents, teachers, nannies and anyone working with children with the skills necessary to help identify anxiety, whilst teaching us some practical tools to implement if needed. Maryhan frequently talks at Knightsbridge school and we know these events are a sell out so it is great to have her on board.

    Emotional Wellbeing, Guest Speaker, Bristol

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