DNA Kids – action-packed children’s parties!

Bristol wide

Action-packed disco & games, themed, magic, sports & teens parties for 4 – 13 year olds!

Experience the excitement of a DNA Kids party. From start to finish expect a party that is bursting with fun, expertly organised and guaranteed to create plenty of laughter & smiles!

We offer 14 thrilling parties to completely engross your little (or big) ones. From our popular Cool Kids Disco Party and imaginative Princesses, Heroes & Pirates Party, through to our amazing Magic, Disco & Games Party and awesome Wacky Science Party, we have the perfect party for children of all ages!

Children will simply love our hilarious music-based party games in our disco & games and themed parties. We also include a cool colourful disco with the free option of a bubble, snow or smoke machine for added wow-factor!

Prizes, consolation sweets, invitations, certificates and activity fun sheets are all part of our great free giveaways. Naturally, the birthday child is star of the show and will take centre stage in the DNA Birthday Kid Grand Presentation where they receive their super-cool birthday medal!

For further information or a quote please call us on 01245 401 401 or visit us at dnakids.co.uk

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