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Fitness League is very proud to present a TASTER DAY, to be held in BRISTOL on September 21st, 10-1pm at the ALMONDSBURY SPORT and SOCIAL CLUB, Gloucester Road, Almondsbury, Bristol, BS32 4AA.

Are you interested in setting up your own business? Would you like to work part-time? Are you interested in fitness and well-being? Fitness League TICKS all the boxes, plus there is financial help available for you to do this. smile

The Fitness League is a long-standing exercise organization, originating from Mary Bagot Stack's principles, in the 1930s. The emphasis is upon good posture, alignment, strength, stamina and flexibility. It is a registered charity

For more information, please call Chris on 01792 290100 or email: trainingenq@emdp.org.

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  • FitnessLeagueTasterDays

    23-Aug-2013 Report

    A brilliant, outstanding and informative course for all individuals interested in movement. I learnt about the Fitness League and am now working very happily as a Fitness League Teacher. Do go along to find out more!

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