Bishopston/Horfield/St. Andrews

These classes are friendly and relaxed. I am always striving to keep the classes interesting and progressive. I am happy to adapt and modify exercises for individuals.

Pilates is suitable for all ages and levels of fitness. The slow controlled flowing movements primarily strengthen the core muscles that stabilise the spine, realign the body and help correct postural problems. Pilates brings mind and body together, focusing strongly on total concentration, balance, precision and breathing.

On request I can also do one-to-one sessions, small groups or come into the work place.
Beginners: 18:15-19:10 and 19:15-20:10
Beginners: 10:00-10:55
Bring your baby Pilates: 11:00-11:55
Beginners: 18:00-18:55
Improver/Advanced: 19:00-19:55

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