Massage at the Bristol Back Pain Clinic


Massage clients at the Bristol Back Pain Clinic can choose from 30 or 60 minutes of sports or relaxation massage therapy, with soft tissue therapy and deep tissue techniques available. You will have the opportunity to discuss any issues, how they are affecting you, and what you are looking to achieve with your therapist prior to the massage session, ensuring the treatment is tailored to your individual needs.

Soft tissue therapy:

- Provides relaxation, recuperation and rejuvenation
- Relaxes, releases and relieves physical and emotional anxiety
- Eases and soothes aching muscles
- Rebalances the body's natural rhythms
- Promotes a sense of wellbeing

Soft tissue therapy is ideal during pregnancy and is also great for new mums, as in addition to all of the above, it can also help with post-partum healing.

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