Sex, Love & Addiction conference 2015

Bristol Centre

Kairos - Sex & Love Addiction annual conference
Transitions: A time of reflection
Cost: £65 Lunch will be provided, plus mochas, cappuccinos, lattes, tea, coffee, soft drinks in the Bistro
In recovery, having therapy, working with a sponsor, attending a 12 steps group (SA, SAA, SLAA, Circles UK, Lucy Faithfaithfull Foundation or other) for sex addiction, love addiction or compulsivity behaviours; AA, drug addiction recovery – This annual conference is for you.

A time to reflect; to interact with those in recovery in a group setting, with teaching, group therapy and just being…

A time to take stock. Considering the process of change and transition; incremental shifts, not big leaps; the journey from there to here and stuff in between. How did I get here? Where do I want to be?

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