Behind the Scenes in the Geology Store


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Join us on a family friendly curator-led guided tour of the Jurassic fossil treasures cared for behind the scenes in the geology store.

Bristol was very different 150 million years ago, covered in warm seas that were teeming with ancient life while the dinosaurs roamed the land. You certainly wouldn't see these animals alive today!

Discover the ancient marine reptiles that swam in the Jurassic sea like the amazing ichthyosaurs, and fantastic long necked plesiosaurs, on the lookout for their next meal of fish, ammonites or squid.

They were not the only predators lurking in the Jurassic deep; early marine crocodiles would have been hunting too… or maybe something even bigger…

This unique tour will showcase some of the magnificent and rarely seen specimens cared for in the geology collection. Suitable for children aged 7+.

Part of Bristol Family Arts Festival.

Times and prices are subject to change. Contact venue before setting out.

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