The TownHouse Bar & Restaurant


We moved into this lovely building in 2011 and have been slowly developing the place and upcycling in a fashion that'd make Kirsty Allsop proud. We aim to mix the existing Georgian splendour with a funky touch of our own personalities to create a space that feels opulent, quirky and just a little kitsch where we couldn't help ourselves.

Our properly aged beef come from the Ashdale range and is superb quality. Pork is mainly Gloucester old spot and our lamb either Welsh salt marsh in season or good local stock from Somerset. Fish and shellfish is delivered daily from Brixham in Devon and we pride ourselves on serving that day's landings straight to our customers. Fruit and vegetables come in muddy and unpackaged and in different shapes and sizes like they should be, all direct from local farmers by way of ‘Reg the Veg' up in Clifton village.

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